By Anthony Jandrokovic

We are all facing the challenges brought by COVID-19 and it simply needs no introduction. Getting straight into it, the question is what do businesses need to do to strive and get ahead of COVID-19. Here’s Three3Oh’s 4 marketing and design MUSTS for businesses during COVID-19.

Get your Business Online

If you do not have a website…

get one immediately. For businesses to strive, whether it’s during COVID-19 or not, you must have an online presence. People who are looking at businesses to choose from are far more likely to choose a business that has a website versus one that does not. If your website is out of date or is in need of a fresh look…get the process started.

If you have a website…

are your products or services available online? If not do so now to get ahead of COVID-19. Society has been shifting towards online shopping for several years now. COVID-19 may have been the extra push to those who do not shop online that you no longer need to do shopping in-store. We are already highly focused on online shopping and look for easy, I don’t need to leave the house, spend time from their busy day solutions for shopping. If you are still not convinced walk through this example with me. During COVID-19,  you want to order delivery/pickup from a restaurant for your family. What if they did not have online ordering…or it wasn’t listed on Door Dash…no menu online…or even a website at all. Your brain automatically was searching for something easier and less work and you’re already onto your next restaurant choice. This concept is a societal change we are seeing no matter what products or services your business offers.

Get your online ads up today

It’s simple, with more people being home from COVID-19, people are spending more time than they already do online. I can assure you other businesses are already ahead of this. They know sales are down and they need to do all they can to get people to see their brand and spend with them. I have already seen some businesses sending way more email marketing ads to me than they ever have before. So don’t get behind on this!

Blast away at Social Media

The same concept as the last, because of COVID-19 people are spending more time on social media due to being at home more with nothing to do. The advice is simple, post a few times more per day than you have previously.

Also, post good content that you can turn back into sales. For example, if you have a lawn care business post tips to get your grass greener that will drive them to the services that you offer to do so. You already got them to click so obviously they are interested. This blog is an example, I can’t lie here, I wrote this to offer my insight to businesses but also hope that they will choose Three3Oh to help. It just proves that people will want to read more if the content relates to them. By getting your click, I know one of two things. 1. You have a business and want to know how your business can strive during COVID-19 2. You are a family member reading this article because I posted it to my Facebook page. Either way I got you to click.

Make Customers Feel Comfortable

First off, tell people what you are doing in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and make customers and employees safe. The employee part is just as important! How do you tell them? Have at the top of your website an information CTA (call to action) that allows customers to read about your COVID-19 plan. Secondly, announce it on social media or via email campaign. Ideally, this should have already been done, however, it is never too late to do so.

If you own a physical store, another way you can make customers feel safe is by the use of graphic design. Many stores will be opening back up soon with certain rules and regulations set forth by their governor. Get signage ordered and up as soon as you can. It could be an informational poster about your rules or preventions for customers during COVID-19. It could be 6ft away floor stickers or one-way directional aisle stickers. It could also be signage outside your store giving directions and store rules to the customer before they enter your store. Even though this is a cost to you, people will feel more comfortable and relaxed in your store, want to shop longer, and want to return.

That’s a Wrap

That completes our 4 marketing and design MUSTS for businesses during COVID-19. If you want to learn more about how Three3Oh Design Company can help you get started we would love to start a conversation with you. We’ll give you a free consultation on our services that can help your business. Ask us about our new 3nergy marketing!

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